Pedro Serrano trans. Anna Crowe
Pieza a pieza, paso a paso,
junta la caca el escarabajo.

Hace ruidos y se agita,
rueda que rueda el ilusionista.

Por la cal y el terregal
a pie juntillas intenta arar.

Nada hay que no le sirva,
paja, cerillos, sal y lascivia.

Al final, en tornasol,
bate y alza esta perla marrón.
Step by step, little by little,
he gathers his dung, the scarab-beetle.

Noises he’ll make, and paw the air,
a trick well-known to the conjurer.

Over lime and dusty ground
with feet together he tries to plough.

Nothing there is that can’t be used,
straw, spent matches, salt and lust.

Finally, like beaten gold,
he hammers and lifts high this rich brown globe.

Orig. copyright © Pedro Serrano 2005; trans. copyright © Anna Crowe 2005

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