Lope de Vegatr. Alix Ingber

Versos de amor, conceptos esparcidos
engendrados del alma en mis cuidados,
partos de mis sentidos abrasados,
con más dolor que libertad nacidos;

expósitos al mundo en que perdidos,
tan rotos anduvistes y trocados
que sólo donde fuistes engendrados
fuérades por la sangre conocidos:

pues que le hurtáis el laberinto a Creta,
a Dédalo los altos pensamientos,
la furia al mar, las llamas al abismo,

si aquel áspid hermoso no os aceta,
dejad la tierra, entretened los vientos,
descansaréis en vuestro centro mismo.

Poetry of love, scattered conceits
engendered by my soul upon my woes,
delivered of my smoldering senses' womb,
and with more pain than freedom surely born;

abandoned to the world, in which so lost,
so battered and transformed you wandered free
that only in the place you were conceived
would you by your own blood ever be known:

for since you steal the labyrinth from Crete,
from Dedalus his grandly soaring thoughts,
from sea the fury, from the abyss its fire,

if that exquisite asp won't take you in,
depart the earth, go entertain the winds,
and thus to your true home you shall retire.

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Trans. copyright © Alix Ingber 1995

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