Lope de Vegatr. James H. Donalson

Desmayarse, atreverse, estar furioso,
áspero, tierno, liberal, esquivo,
alentado, mortal, difunto, vivo,
teal, traidor, cobarde y animoso;

no hallar fuera del bien centro y reposo,
mostrarse alegre, triste, humilde, altivo,
enojado, valiente, fugitivo,
satisfecho, ofendido, receloso.

Huir el rostro al claro desengaño,
beber veneno por licor suave,
olvidar el provecho, amar el daño;

creer que un cielo en un infierno cabe,
dar la vida y el alma a un desengaño:
esto es amor; quien lo probó, lo sabe.

While frenzied, to be faint, yet bold as well,
and harsh and tender, open-handed, tight,
a breathing mortal, dead while yet alive,
both cowardly and brave with a soft-sell,

outside the good, no heart or rest to tell,
a happy, sad and haughty, abject sight,
with angry, valiant, fleeting lack of drive
mistrustful, satisfied, offended, fell ...

to rug headlong to a deceitful charm,
when flavor's all a poison will bestow,
forgetting caution, loving every harm,

believing heaven fits in hell below,
to give both life and soul without alarm:
so - this is love, as those who've tried it know.

Trans. copyright © James H. Donalson 2009

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