Bartolomé Leonardo de Argensola tr. Alix Ingber
"Dime, Padre común, pues eres justo,
¿por qué ha de permitir tu providencia,
que, arrastrando prisiones la innocencia,
suba la fraude a tribunal augusto?

¿Quién da fuerzas al brazo, que robusto
hace a tus leyes firme resistencia,
y que el celo, que más las reverencia,
gima a los pies del vencedor injusto?

Vemos que vibran vitoriosas palmas
manos inicas, la virtud gimiendo
del triunfo en el injusto regocijo."

Esto decía yo, cuando, riendo,
celestial ninfa apareció, y me dijo:
"¡Ciego!, ¿es la tierra el centro de las almas?"
"Tell me, Father we share, since you are just,
why is it that your providence permits
that innocence by heavy chains is bound
and fraud dwells in the august courts of law?

Who gives strength to the arm that forcefully
offers such firm resistance to your laws,
and who makes piety, which loves them most,
groan at the feet of unjust conquerors?

We see that in their victory evil hands
wave their proud banners, and that virtue groans
at the triumphal mirth of unjust goals."

I was just saying this, when, with a laugh,
a nymph from heaven came and said to me:
"You fool, is earth the dwelling-place of souls?"

Trans. copyright © Alix Ingber, 1995

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