Guiraut Riquier

trans. James H. Donalson
(from Provençal)
Ab plazen
Ai cozen
Mal talen
Tant quel ser no puesc durmir,
Ans torney e vuelf e vir
E dezir
Vezer l'alba.

Per trebalh
Que m'assalh
Ser e jorn,
Joys me falh,
Don nualh
Ab cor morn,
El ser dobla·m mo martir,
Que'en elh tenc tot mon albir,
E dezir
Vezer l'alba.

Mals sabers
Es, loncs sers
Ses plazers,
E jasers
Ses pauzar
E ben amars ses jauzir;
Per quel ser velhan sospir,
E dezir
Vezer l'alba.

A mon dan
Per semblan
Fa gran nueg,
Quar afan
N'ai trap gran
Et enueg,
Quar leis, qu'ieu am, non remir,
Ans pes, co m'en puesc aizir,
E dezir
Vezer l'alba.
Pleasant and
thoughts I have
give me pain,
in spite of
all my care,
so at night I cannot sleep
but I toss and turn again
and I want
to see the daybreak.

So a task
now assails,
night and day
joy now fails:
my sad heart
is destroyed,
and at night my suffering's worse
so it takes up all my thought
and I want
to see the daybreak.

It is sad
waking up
all night long
without joy,
lying down
without rest,
loving but without joy;
so I can only sigh
and I want
to see the daybreak.

To my harm,
it appears,
night wears on,
for there's no
task so great:
it annoys,
for I can't see my love
though I think of holding her,
and I want
to see the daybreak.

The first Alba G.Riquier made, in l257

Trans. Copyright © James H. Donalson 2003

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