Peire de Valeria trans. James H. Donalson (from Provençal)
Vezer volgra N'Ezelgarda,
Qar hai de morir talen,
E pesa mi qe trop tarda,
Tant lai morrai dousamen:
Qe tant gen ri ez esgarda
Qell' auci jugan rizen.
Laisat hai eu en regarda
Per ma mort son bel cors gen,
E qar es de prez conplida
E qar m'enoia ma vida,
Lai irai morir breumen.

A Deu prec qe mon cor arda
S'amet hom tan finamen,
Qen lei non voill metre garda
Nas sa valor en son sen.
E cel qui sa joia agarda
Non ha ges fol pensamen,
E cel qui son fin prez garda
Non fa ges gran faillimen;
E qar mei oill lan chausida,
A deu prec que mi don vida,
Per servir son bel cors gen.
I want to see Dame Ethelgard,
for I feel it is time to die:
I'm sorry it delays so long
for I would die so sweetly there,
before her smile and her kind glance
and her laugh that kills at games
so I have left there with regard
to her fair form - and to my death -
and since my life is filled with worth
and since my life is boring me,
before long Ill go there to die.

I pray to God my heart will burn
if any man's love's quite so fine,
for on her I'll not set a guard,
not on her worth nor on her sense,
and he who's waiting for this joy
does not have such a foolish thought
and anyone who guards her worth
cannot fail by so much thereby,
and since my eyes have chosen her
I pray to God who gives me life
to serve her fair and noble self.

Trans. Copyright © James H. Donalson 2003

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