Sulpiciatr. Josephine Balmer
Tandem venit amor, qualem texisse pudori
quam nudasse alicui sit mihi fama magis.
Exorata meis illum Cytherea Camenis
adtulit in nostrum deposuitque sinum.
Exsolvit promissa Venus: mea gaudia narret,
dicetur siquis non habuisse sua.
Non ego signatis quicquam mandare tabellis,
ne legat id nemo quam meus ante, velim,
sed peccasse iuvat, vultus conponere famae
taedet: cum digno digna fuisse ferar
At last love has come along, and now it seems my greater shame
to cover up than bare all, or so I should believe.
For Venus heard my plaintive song, settled all outstanding claims -
bound him over, dropped him in my lap, and up my sleeve.
Love's promise is fulfilled: so let them publicise my pleasures
- if they've none, that is, to speak of, nothing of their own.
No, I won't bring my soul to book, seal up my secret treasures
in case some other lover might take them out on loan.
To err is divine; to change heart - and minds - surely asinine;
shout it loud: for this worthy woman, a worthwhile man.

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Transl. Copyright © Josephine Balmer 1996 - publ. Bloodaxe Books

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