Spalatensis, Marus Marulustrans. Raymond Geuss
Alia cenarat cupiens cum pangere uersus No Homer to be sure,
Pamphagus Aonias iussit adesse deas. but he would eat anything.
ast illae offensae diro ructantis odore When at the end of dinner -
conuersis capiunt passibus inde fugam. spaghetti aglio e olio
lautius hinc pransus tentat reuocare fugaces (heavy on the aglio) -
sed neque sic pranso Pieris ulla fauet. seeking inspiration he began
mitte aliis igitur condendi carmina curam: 'The Invocation of the Muses'
tu tantum uentrem, Pamphage, pasce tuum.they decamped, driven off
by a ripe eructation.
Fortifying himself
with another, even heartier
helping of the main course,
he tried again. To no avail:
poetry and garlic don't mix.

Trans. Copyright © Raymond Geuss 1999, - publ. Hearing Eye this book
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