Anon. trans. Louis J. Rodrigues
(from Anglo-Saxon)
Gebæd ic me þa to þan beame .... bliðe mode,
elne mycle, .... þær ic ana wæs
mæte werede. .... Wæs modsefa
afysed on forðwege; .... feala ealra gebad
langung-hwila. .... Is me nu lifes hyht
þæt ic þone sigebeam .... secan mote
ana oftor .... þonne ealle men,
well weorþian. .... Me is willa to ðam
mycel on mode, .... ond min mundbyrd is
geriht to þære rode. .... Nah ic ricra feala
freonda on foldan. .... Ac hie forð heonon
gewiton on worulde dreamum, .... sohton him wuldres Cyning;
lifiaþ nu on heofenum .... mid Heahfædere,
wuniaþ on wuldre. .... Ond ic wene me
daga gehwylce .... hwænne me Dryhtnes rod,
þe ic her on eorðan .... ær sceawode,
on þysson lænan .... life gefetige
ond me þonne gebringe .... þær is blis mycel,
dream on heofonum, .... þær is Dryhtnes folc
geseted to symle, .... þær is singal blis;
ond he þonne asette .... þær ic syþþan mot
wunian on wuldre, .... well mid þam halgum
dreames brucan. .... Si me Dryhten freond,
se ðe her on eorþan .... ær þrowode
on þam gealgtreowe .... for guman synnum.
He us onlysde .... ond us lif forgeaf,
heofonlicne ham.
Glad at heart I turned then to the tree
greatly courageous, when I was alone
with a small band. My spirit was
eager to depart; I endured much in all
my time of longing. It is now my life's delight
that I can seek the victory-tree
alone, more often than all other men,
to worship worthily. My wish for that
is much in mind, and my protection is
rightly with the rood. I have not many rich
friends on earth. They have fled hence,
from world's delights sought the glorious King;
they dwell in heaven with the Father now,
abide in bliss. And each day I
look for when the cross of Christ,
which here on earth I formerly beheld,
will take me from this transient life
and bring me where delight is great,
joy in heaven, where God's folk are
set at a feast where gladness knows no end;
and He then place me where I later may
dwell in splendour, freely with the saints
partake of pleasure. Be a friend to me, O Lord,
who here on earth once suffered on
the gallows-tree for sins of men.
He liberated us and gave us life,
a heavenly home.

Copyright © Louis J. Rodrigues - publ. Llanerch Publishers

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