Anon.trans. Louis Rodrigues (from Anglo-Saxon)
Wið dweorh man sceal niman VII lytle oflætan, swylce man mid ofrað, and writan þas naman on ælcre oflætan: Maximianus, Malchus, Iohannes, Martimianus, Dionisius, Constantinus, Serafion. Þænne eft þæt galdor, þæt her æfter cweð, man sceal singan, ærest on þæt wynstre eare, þænne on þæt swiðre eare, þænne bufan þæs mannes moldan. And ga þænne an mædenman to and ho hit on his sweoran, and do man swa þry dagas; him bið sona sel.

Her com in gangan, in spiderwiht,
hæfde him his haman on handa, cwæð þæt þu his hæncgest
legde þe his teage an sweoran. Ongunnan him of þæm lande
sona swa hy of þæm lande coman, þa ongunnan him ða liþu
Þa com in gangan dweores sweostar;
þa geændade heo and aðas swor
ðæt næfre þis ðæm adlegan derian ne moste,
ne þæm þe þis galdor begytan mihte,
oððe þe þis galdor ongalan cuþe. Amen. Fiað.

One must take seven little wafers, such as one uses in worship, and write these names on each wafer: Maximianus, Malchus, Johannes, Martimianus, Dionisius, Constantinus, Serafion. Then one must sing the charm that is mentioned hereafter, first into the left ear, then into the right ear, then over the man's head. And then let a maiden go to him and hang it upon his neck, and do so for three days; he will soon be better.

Here a spider-wight came stalking in.
He had his dress in his hand. He said that thou wert his
he laid his bonds on thy neck. They began to sail from the
As soon as they left the land, then his limbs began to cool.

Then the dwarf's sister came stalking in.
Then she made an end and swore oaths
that this should never hurt the sick,
nor him who could obtain this charm,
nor him who knew to chant this charm. Amen. Fiat.

Let it be done.

Transl. copyright © Louis J. Rodrigues, 1993 - publ. Llanerch Publishers this book
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