from "WALDERE"from "WALDERE"
Anon.trans. Louis Rodrigues (from Anglo-Saxon)

....... ... me ce bæteran
buton ðam anum, ðe ic eac hafa,
on stanfate stille gehided.
Ic wat þæt hit dohte Ðeodric Widian
selfum onsendon, ond eac sinc micel
maðma mid ði mece, monig oðres mid him
golde gegirwan, iulean genam,
þæs ðe hine of nearwum Niðhades mæg,
Welandes bearn, Widia ut forlet,
ðurh fifela geweald forð onette.
Waldere maðelode, wiga ellenrof -
hæfde him on handa hildefrofre,
guðbilla gripe, gyddode wordum:
'Hwæt, ðu huru wendest, wine Burgenda,
þæt me Hagenan hand hilde gefremede
ond getwæmde feðewigges. Feta, gyf ðu dyrre,
æt ðus heaðuwerigan hare byrnan!
Standeð me her on eaxelum Ælfheres laf
god ond geapneb, golde geweorðod,
ealles unscende æðelinges reaf
to habbanne, þonne hand wereð
feorhhord feondum; ne bið fah wið me,
þonne (me) unmægas eft ongynnað,
mecum gemetað, swa ge me dydon.
Ðeah mæg sige syllan se ðe symle byð
recon ond rædfest ryhta gchwilces;
se ðe him to ðam halgan helpe gelifeð,
to Gode gioce, he þær gearo findeð,
gif ða earnunga ær geðenceð.
Þonne moten wlance welan britnian,
æhtum wealdan; þæt is ......'


........... a better sword
except the one that I have also in
its stone-encrusted scabbard laid aside.
I know that Theodric thought to Widia's self
to send it and much treasure too,
jewels with the blade, many more besides,
gold-geared; he received reward
when Nithhad's kinsman, Widia, Welund's son,
delivered him from durance;
through press of monsters hastened forth.'
Waldere boasted, warrior brave,
held his battle-help in hand,
biting war-blade, uttered words:
'Lo, thou didst truly think, Burgundian lord,
that Hagen's hand would help to hinder me,
cut me down in combat. If thou darest, come and take
my hoary byrny from me who am battle-worn.
Ælfhere's heirloom lies upon my shoulders here,
good and woven-wide, adorned with gold,
not at all a mean garb for a prince
to have when his hand guards
his frame from fiends. It will not fail
me when unfriendly kinsmen make a fresh attack,
meet me with swords, as ye have done.
Yet may He grant me victory who is
ever prompt and wise in every righteous cause.
He who trusts him to the Holy One for help,
to God for aid, shall find it ready there,
if he takes prior thought of how to merit it.
Then may the proud dispose of wealth,
wield power, that is......


Transl. copyright © Louis J. Rodrigues, 1993 - publ. Llanerch Publishers this book
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