Marcoat trans. James H. Donalson (from Provençal)
Una ren os dirai, En Serra;
Pois m'escometez de guerra,
De Saint Segur, que laiatz.

Tal ren os fait ferramenta
Que ab longa vestimenta
Non cuich cobrir o poscatz.

Sil magorns lova la fauda,
Don perdez lo pe en bauda,
Ab si fassatz no fassatz,

Cant anatz per via plana,
Bel tenc per pec qi·us demana:
"Amics, per que ranquejatz?"

E fatz granda descressenza,
Don non prendez penedenza.
C'aprop de la crotz cagatz.

La vostra cavalcadura
A nom Na Malaventura,
Que de conc claus la ferratz,

No vol ordi ni mesura
Que, can geta s'ambladura,
No·is n'asauta Marcoatz.

Far en podetz espondeira
O al cap escabesceira,
Un candelier can manjatz.

Una a l'uis fermailla fieira,
Si temez c'om vos requera
En durmen can summeilliats.

Plus vos pert sa magorneira
Que asn' en mai sa costeira,
Cant es del bast desbastatz.

Sirventes, ten ta carriera,
Anz que trop Ronaz Barrieira
Que d'un fon ier sebraz.
One thing I will say, Sir Serra, now,
since you threaten me with warfare;
Go to Saint Segur for help.

For you they will make a clasp of iron,
you can use with a long vestment:
I think you can cover up.

If the rags hang down below the hem,
you'll have lost your foot for nothing,
with an if you do, you don't.

When you're walking down a level street,
think that one's a fool for asking:
"Friend, what are you mad about?"

You have greatly sinned against the faith,
and you've not done any penance
and you have defiled the cross.

And the horse that you are riding on
is called Lady Misadventure:
you've shod her with hollow nails.

I don't want a mixture or a weave
which by throwing and its movement
you'll use to assail Marcoatz.

You could make a footboard for your bed,
or a headboard for your pillow,
or a candlestick for meals.

You could make a latch to fit the door,
if you fear you're being looked-for,
or for sleeping if you drowse.

And you'll lose your bruises and your scars
as an ass in May his chafing
when his basket's taken off.

Sirventes, hold to the road before
Ronaz Sarrieira's finding
yesterday you had a source.

Trans. Copyright © James H. Donalson 2003

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