Martial (M. Valerius Martialis) trans. A.S.Kline
Hic ubi sidereus propius uidet astra colossus
et crescunt media pegmata celsa uia,
inuidiosa feri radiabant atria regis
unaque iam tota stabat in urbe domus;
hic ubi conspicui uenerabilis Amphitheatri
erigitur moles, stagna Neronis erant;
hic ubi miramur uelocia munera thermas,
abstulerat miseris tecta superbus ager;
Claudia diffusas ubi porticus explicat umbras,
ultima parts aulae deficientis erat.
Reddita Roma sibi est et sunt te preside, Caesar,
deliciae populi, quae fuerant domini.
Just here, where Neroís skyey colossus sees stars,
and the scaffolding towers up high, right in the way,
once shone the nasty halls of that cruel king,
and only the one Golden House in all of Rome.
Just here, where the Amphitheatreís honoured pile
rises, towering before our eyes, was Neroís lake.
Just here, where we gaze at Titusís thermal baths,
swift gift, proud acres razed the poor manís roof.
Where the Claudian colonnade spreads wide its shade,
that golden palaceís outermost corner came to an end.
Caesar, Romeís back to herself, now youíre in charge,
and the masterís pleasures are the peopleís now.

Trans. Copyright © A.S.Kline 2003

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