Martial (M. Valerius Martialis)trans. David Lisle Crane

Alcime, quem raptum domino crescentibus annis
Lavicana levi cespite velat humus,
Accipe non Pario nutantia pondera saxo,
Quae cineri vanus dat ruitura labor,
Sed faciles buxos et opacas palmitis umbras
Quaeque virent lacrimis roscida prata meis.
Accipe, care puer, nostri monimenta doloris:
Hic tibi perpetuo tempore vivet honor.
Cum mihi supremos Lachesis perneverit annos,
Non aliter cineres mando iacere meos.
the great have parian marble on their tombs
to tumble down
but the young grass covers you
beside the road
that leads from rome

where the vine shoots give their shade
in spring and easy box trees
fringe the dewy meadows
green with my tears

these are my lasting signs of sorrow
for the little slave boy
born in my house
such as i wish myself
when my time comes

Trans. Copyright © David Crane 2003

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