Pol Hodgetrans. Pol Hodge (from Cornish)
(rag Alistair Quinnell)

Mar pe Iwerdhon an ‘Tiger Keltek’
Kernow yw an gathik dhoev
Neb eth dhe gosk
Ryb toemmder an tan Sowsnek.

Hag Iwerdhon ow helghya dres Europ
Kernow a rol war hy heyn hi
Dhe vos kosys gans bysyow konteth.

Ha’n garm gwydhalek klywys yn Amerika
Hy krowdans yw kellys dhe Westminster
Heb skovarn ha hen kolonn.

Hwath y’n gegin agan mester
Hi a berth kov an oes
Pan o hi tiger dens-kledha
Gans ewines lymm a sten,
Dens meur gwrys a gober
Hag ow helghya dres an bys.
(for Alistair Quinnell)

If Ireland is the ‘Celtic Tiger’
Cornwall is the tamed pussy-cat
Who went to sleep
By the warmth of the English fire.

As Ireland hunts through Europe
Cornwall rolls on her back
To be tickled by County fingers.

As the Gaelic roar is heard in America
Her purring is lost to a Westminster.
Without ear or heart.

Still in the kitchen of our master
She remembers the age
When she was a Sabre-tooth tiger
With sharp claws of tin,
Great teeth wrought of copper
And hunting the world.

Copyright © Pol Hodge 1996 - publ. Giss 'on Books

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