Pol Hodgetrans. Pol Hodge (from Cornish)
My a berthas kov yn ta
An jydh pan glywsyn ni
An nowodhow a-dro Kroftti.
Yth o kepar ha kar koth
Gans kanker diwedhans.

Mes avel an kellow kanker
Re vunys dhe vos gwelys
Ny yllir kabli ha garma orth
An Kestreylyans Moen Loundres
Po an peuns Sterling krev.

An jydh wosa Dydh Sen Pyran
Neb a dhros sten dhe Gernow
An kolonnow ow pompya
A vydh skytchys yn farow.

Ebrennow glas wosa an kor,
Botasow meles ha sten du
Oll a vydh beudhys bys vykken.
Yín diwettha duder dowrek.

Mes mar pleg ny wra liva
Gonisow, stopys ha shaftys
Gans dagrow fest hwerow.

Mes an varghas vysek
Yw hwath kepar haín nebes
Orth An Porth ha Poll.

Der oll agan oesow
An gonisygethow
Re beu sevys salow.
I remembered well
The day when we heard
The news about Crofty.
It was like an old friend
With terminal cancer.

But as cancer cells
Too minute to see
One cannot blame and shout at
The London Metal Exchange
Or the strong pound Sterling.

The day after St. Piranís Day
Who brought tin to Cornwall
The pumping hearts
Will be switched off.

Blue skies after the core,
Ochre boots and black tin,
All will be drowned for ever
In the final watery blackness.

But please do not flood
Gunnies, stopes and shafts
With tears so bitter

But the global market
Is still much like those
Of Par and Pool.

Through all our ages
The cultures
Have been raised safely.

Copyright © Pol Hodge 2002 - publ. Giss 'on Books

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