Pol Hodgetrans. Pol Hodge (from Cornish)
(kynvann rag Glasnedh)

Pennskol Rysoghan yw tas
Ytho Kergront yw an vamm.
Ottomma an kolljiow
Antevys vydh gans an flamm,
Kresenn veur a ardhyskans
War lann anserth Avon Cam.

My a gar pup-tra omma,
Drehevyansow bras ha brav
Han bennskol yw fest yn fyw
Gwenton, gwav ynwedh kynyav,
Moy bysi hwath ages yn
Porthia yn kres an hav.

Marthys teg yw an sita
Kompes heb bronn, brynn po bre,
Gans tus heger a bub bro
Oll warbarth yn chiow-te
Hag a-dro an studhoryon;
Yma diwrosow pub le!

Mes soweth nyns eus dowr fresk
Dhagan Pennrynn, marnas mor
Gans hylli avel dagrow
Owth amma orth agan dor.
A yllyn ni dasewnhe
Dorn horn termyn war neb kor?

Y fia pur dha dhe weles
Kepar hay gwirgemmynn;
Fros a skians ow resek
Dres oll hy hen stretys ynn
Ha gans milyow a buntow
Yn avon orth Pennrynn.
(a lament for Glasney)

Oxford University is a father
So Cambridge is the mother.
Here are the colleges
Untouched by the flame,
Great centre of education
On the flat bank on the River Cam.

I love everything here,
Buildings big and fine
And the university is so much alive
Spring, winter also autumn,
Busier still than
St. Ives in the middle of summer.

Marvelously beautiful is the city
Tidy without hill, hill or hill,
With kind people of every land
All together in the tea houses
And the students all about;
There are bicycles everywhere!

But alas theres no fresh water
For our Penryn, only sea
With brine like tears
Kissing our ground.
Can we redo
Times iron hand in some way?

It would be so good to see
Like true legacy;
A stream of knowledge racing
Through her ancient narrow streets
And with thousands of punts
In the river at Penryn.

Copyright © Pol Hodge 2002 - publ. Giss 'on Books

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