Pol Hodgetrans. Pol Hodge (from Cornish)
(rag Davydh Hicks - skoler Keltek)

Davydh a hwystras y'gan skovarn "Y hyllys vyajya
diworth Kernow dres Breten Veur dhe Alban Gledh
ha kewsel saw unn yeth. Hemm o kyns an Wydheli,
Sowson ha Kledhoryon dhe dhos gans nerth yn
Breten Veur."
(for Davydh Hicks - Celtic scholar)

Davydh whispers into our ears, "You could travel from
Kernow right up through Britain to Northern Scotland
and speak just one language. This is before the Gaels,
Saxons and Norsemen invaded Britain."

By the left... quick march!
Tabouryow yw gwyskys.
Fabordenyon yw hwythys.
Ha'n pibow a veudh
klapp an havysi almaynek.
Nyns eus gwydhelek albanek
yn Die Burg von Edinburgh,
Le Château d' Edinbourg,
Il Castello di Edinburgo
neppyth skrifys yn chinek
dres agan lytherennek
po Edinburgh Castle.
Saw an gedyer, y lev
mar gler ha mar grev
ages hwyski albanek,
a lever bos an vro ma
Alban, nyns yw Pow Sows
na Breten Veur na Europ.
Ha ni an Vrythonyon
a omhwarthas dres
an hwegh kans mildir,
dres an mil vlydhen ha
dres an niwl loes Karedin.
By the left...quick march!
Drums are beaten.
Drones are blown.
And the pipes drown
the German tourists’ chatter.
There's no Scots Gaelic
in Die Burg von Edinburgh,
Le Château d' Edinbourg,
Il Castello di Edinburgo
something written in Chinese
beyond our alphabet
or Edinburgh Castle.
Only the guide, his voice
as clear and as strong
as Scotch whiskey,
tells us this land is Scotland,
it's not England,
nor Great Britain nor Europe.
And we the Brittonic Celts
laugh to ourselves through
the six hundred miles,
through the thousand years and
through the grey Edinburgh mist.

Copyright © Pol Hodge 1996 - publ. Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek Fentenwynn

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