ODES - IV.12 ODES - IV.12
Horace (Q. Horatius Flaccus) trans. William Ewart Gladstone
Iam veris comites, quae mare temperant,
impellunt animae lintea Thraciae;
iam nec prata rigent nec fluvii strepunt
.....hiberna nive turgidi.

nidum ponit Ityn flebiliter gemens
infelix avis et Cecropiae domus
aeternum opprobrium, quod male barbaras
.....regum est ulta libidines.

dicunt in tenero gramine pinguium
custodes ovium carmina fistula
delectantque deum cui pecus et nigri
.....colles Arcadiae placent.

adduxere sitim tempora, Vergili:
sed pressum Calibus ducere Liberum
si gestis, iuvenum nobilium cliens,
.....nardo vina merebere.

nardi parvus onyx eliciet cadum,
qui nunc Sulpiciis accubat horreis,
spes donare novas largus amaraque
.....curarum eluere efficax.

ad quae si properas gaudia, cum tua
velox merce veni: non ego te meis
immunem meditor tingere poculis,
.....plena dives ut in domo.

verum pone moras et studium lucri,
nigrorumque memor, dum licet, ignium
misce stultitiam consiliis brevem:
.....dulce est desipere in loco.
See, Spring's companions, Thracian gales,
Now warm the billows, fill the sails:
The soil is soft; the rivers flow
.....Unburdened by the winter snow.

The swallow builds; and puts to shame
Still sorrowing, the Cecropian name;
She, that for Itys sadly sings,
.....She scourged the barbarous lusts of kings.

Beside his full-fed sheep, the swain
In tender grass, indites the strain,
And charms the god, that loves to see
.....The dusky hills of Arcady.

Client of nobles, Virgil mine!
Say, if thou lov'st Calenian wine
This thirsty season? Then, with nard
.....Come buy it as a fit reward.

A tiny box of nard will buy
From the Sulpician granary
A cask, the liberal nurse of hope,
.....And meet with bitter care to cope.

How like you this? Be quick, and bring
Thy bargained share of offering;
Would I could give thee drink for nought,
.....As wealth in lordly dwellings ought.

Quick! ere the lurid death-fire's day,
Drive thou the lust of gain away!
Thy wisdom with unwisdom grace:
.....'T is well to rave, in time and place.

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