ODES - IV.12 ODES - IV.12
Horace (Q. Horatius Flaccus) trans. Thomas Hawkins
Iam veris comites, quae mare temperant,
impellunt animae lintea Thraciae;
iam nec prata rigent nec fluvii strepunt
.....hiberna nive turgidi.

nidum ponit Ityn flebiliter gemens
infelix avis et Cecropiae domus
aeternum opprobrium, quod male barbaras
.....regum est ulta libidines.

dicunt in tenero gramine pinguium
custodes ovium carmina fistula
delectantque deum cui pecus et nigri
.....colles Arcadiae placent.

adduxere sitim tempora, Vergili:
sed pressum Calibus ducere Liberum
si gestis, iuvenum nobilium cliens,
.....nardo vina merebere.

nardi parvus onyx eliciet cadum,
qui nunc Sulpiciis accubat horreis,
spes donare novas largus amaraque
.....curarum eluere efficax.

ad quae si properas gaudia, cum tua
velox merce veni: non ego te meis
immunem meditor tingere poculis,
.....plena dives ut in domo.

verum pone moras et studium lucri,
nigrorumque memor, dum licet, ignium
misce stultitiam consiliis brevem:
.....dulce est desipere in loco.
South winds, the Spring attending still,
Now seas becalm, and sails do fill;
Now Frosts make not the Meadows hoar,
.....Nor Winter snow, swoln rivers rore.

The luckless bird her nest doth frame,
Bewailing Itis, and the shame
Of Cecrops house, and that so ill,
.....On Kings rude lust, she wrought her will.

The Shepherds of rich Flocks reherse,
And to their Pipes chaunt rural verse:
Seeking his God-head to appease,
.....Whom Flocks and hills Arcadian please.

These times do thirsty seasons send,
But if thou, Virgil Caesars friend,
Calenian Wines desir'st to try,
.....To me with fragrant unguents hie,

And purchase with a little Box,
Wine, which Sulpitious safely locks,
New hopes most pow'rful to create,
.....And bitter cares to dissipate:

To which content if thou agree,
Stay not, but quickly come to me:
I'le not (free cost) my cups carrouze,
.....As rich men in a plenteous house.

Then leave delayes, and gain's desire,
And mindful of blck Funeral fire,
Short folly mix with Counsels best,
.....'Tis sweet, sometime to be in jest.

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