Horace (Q. Horatius Flaccus) trans. Henry Herbert
Faune, nympharum fugientium amator,
per meos finis et aprica rura
lenis incedas, abeasque parvis
.......aequus alumnis,

si tener pleno cadit haedus anno,
larga nec desunt Veneris sodali
uina craterae, vetus ara multo
.......fumat odore.

Ludit herboso pecus omne campo,
cum tibi nonae redeunt Decembres;
festus in pratis vacat otioso
.......cum bove pagus;

inter audacis lupus errat agnos,
spargit agrestis tibi silva frondis,
gaudet invisam pepulisse fossor
.......ter pede terram.
Walk lightly oe'r my sunny fields and round my little farm,
And spare the firstlings of my flock from blight or wasting harm,
Dear Faun, who know'st the flying nymphs to follow and to charm.

We'll slay a kid, a tender kid of one full year, well grown,
And with the wine which Venus loves, the brimming cups we'll crown,
And round the ancient altar's horns the incense shall be strown.

And when December's nones come round, the nones beloved of thee,
In the long grass the herds and flocks shall sport upon the lea;
And man and beast in idleness the livelong day shall be.

For thee the very wolves shall play the fearless lambs among;
For thee the very trees shall shed their leaves so fresh and strong;
And the plowman shall adore thee with rustic dance and song.

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