Horace (Q. Horatius Flaccus) trans. Charles Stuart Calverley
Faune, nympharum fugientium amator,
per meos finis et aprica rura
lenis incedas, abeasque parvis
.......aequus alumnis,

si tener pleno cadit haedus anno,
larga nec desunt Veneris sodali
uina craterae, vetus ara multo
.......fumat odore.

Ludit herboso pecus omne campo,
cum tibi nonae redeunt Decembres;
festus in pratis vacat otioso
.......cum bove pagus;

inter audacis lupus errat agnos,
spargit agrestis tibi silva frondis,
gaudet invisam pepulisse fossor
.......ter pede terram.
Wooer of young Nymphs who fly thee,
...Lightly o'er my sun-lit lawn,
Trip and go, nor injured by thee
...Be my weanling herds, O Faun:

If the kid his doomed head bows, and
...Brims with wine the loving cup,
When the year is full; and thousand
...Scents from altars hoar go up.

Each flock in the rich grass gambols
...When the month comes which is thine;
And the happy village rambles
...Fieldward with the kine:

Lambs play on, the wolf their neighbour;
...Wild woods deck thee with their spoil:
And with glee the sons of labour
...Stamp upon their foe the soil.

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