Rosalía de CastroLouis J. Rodrigues - (from Galician)
Cando penso que te fuche,
Negra sombra que me asombras,
Ao pê dos meus cavezales
Tornas facÚndome mofa.

Cando maximo que ês ida
No mesmo sol te me amostras,
I-eres a estrela que brila,
I-eres a vento que zoa.

Si cantan, ês ti que cantas,
Si choran, ês ti que choras,
I-ês o marmurio d'o rio,
I-ês a noit ci?ês a aurora.

En todo estás e ti ês todo,
Pra min i-en min mesma moras;
Nin me abandonarás nunca,
Sombra que sempre me asombras.
When I think that you are fled,
gloomy shade that frightens me,
to my bedside you return
yet again to mock at me.

When I am sure that you are gone,
in the sunlight you appear;
and, you are the star that shines,
and, you are the wind that sighs.

If they sing, I hear you sing,
if they weep, I see you weep,
you are the murmur of the rill,
you are the night, you are the dawn.

You are everything, and everything is you;
for me, and in my very self, you live;
you will never leave me quite,
shade that ever saddens me.

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Trans. Copyright © Louis J. Rodrigues 1990 - publ. Spendthrift Publications

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