Amanieu de la Broqueira trans. James H. Donalson
(from Provençal)
Quan reverdejon li conderc,
E la lauzeta puej' al mont,
E li auzelet, dui e dui,
En lur lati, segon que·s es,
Fan retendir la calmeilla
Pel fin joi qu' ins en lor s'es mes,

Per ma enemigua m'esperc
Que·m te marrit e deziron,
Per so quar tostem si·m defui.
Ai! Si ja l'en penra merces?
Qu'ieu no sai consis conseilla,
Quar de leis no ve negus bes.

So fan lauzengier entenerc,
Per cui Jovens bais' e confon
Per lur fals' amor e destrui
E son fait d'aiso plaides
Don lo maritz se coreilla
Gran tort, canc non fo res.

Estra lur grat cre jois m'alberc,
Que·m tenra baut e jauzion,
E si·m jauzis jauzirai lui.
Mas, pel senhor qu'en crotz fo mes,
Sa color fresq' e vermeilla
Camja mon sen, tal ora es.

Molt n'am entresenh et auberc
Per leis, mais c' autra re del mon,
Donar e deport e desdui,
Cortz e guerras e gens conres;
E qui d'aiso s'apareilla
Tost deu aver si dons conques.

Fe que dei al portal saint Loberc,
Mal fara s'ap si no·m rescon
En tal luec on siam abdui;
E sia fait ab genhs cortes
C'aisi pueja jois en treilla,
Quan de dos amicx es empres.

Sel que ditz qu'ieu ab leis re perc
Me fai sospirar de prion,
Qu' ieu l'am finamen ses autrei,
E c'ela d'aiso fina n'es
Don li hueill el cors mueilla,
De fol joc me soi entremes.

Pr' En Porta-joia d'Engolmes
Volgran·s Amaneus Aureilla
Lo vers si dons aver trames,

O pr' En Paire de Bodeles.
When fallow fields turn green again
and larks fly up into the hills,
and little birds by two and two,
each in his language as it is
make all the moor resound with song
of the fine joy that's entered in,

my enemy makes me despair
and leaves me marred and longing too,
this happens always, if I fail.
Ah! shall I not then pity her?
I don't know what advice to give:
far from her, I see nothing good.

Sinister flatterers do this,
by whom the young are taken down
by their false love and damaging,
thereby becoming quarrellers,
disquieting the injured ones:
a big mistake and all for nought.

All thanks aside, joy shelters me
and makes me bold and makes me glad
and if I'm glad, I'll gladden her;
but by the Lord up on the cross,
her fresh and ruddy coloring
can change my mind, such is the time.

I don't much like hauberk and flag
for her, but with anyone else,
to give, enjoy and jest with them:
courts and wars and feasting folk,
and who prepares himself for these
ought soon to have his men subdued.

What I swore at St.Loubert's gate
won't do if I'm not hid with him
in such a place where we are both:
and let it be with courtly folk
for that will raise the joy on high
when undertaken by two friends.

The one who tells me that I've lost
can make me sigh out of the depths,
I love her well, but without leave,
and she is fine in this way too
because her eyes and body dance
and I'm amidst a foolish, joke.

Sir Porte-joie of Angoulême,
Amaneus of Aureilhan
gives what his men have sent along.

Or good Sir Pierre of Bordelais.

Trans. Copyright © James H. Donalson 2003

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