Hernandez Ruiz de Alarcón (Mexico 17c.)
trans. Edward Dorn & Gordon Brotherston
(from Nahuatl)
tlacuel tlaxihuallauh xoxouhqui cihuatl
tla xicpehuiti xoxouhqui totonqui yayauhqui totonqui
tlatlauhqui totonqui cocauhqui totonqui
ye oncan nimitztlitan chicomoztoc
amo quin moztla amo quin huiptla
niman axcan ticquixtiz
ac teotl ac mahuiztli
in ye quixpolloa motlachihualtzin
nomatca nehuatl ninahualteuctli
Hey, come along, green woman;
scare, scare the green fever, the blackish fever,
the red fever, the yellow fever:
I have already sent you to the Seven Caves.
Not tomorrow nor the day after,
but right now you will make him leave.
What god, what prodigy,
thinks to destroy your creature?
The lord of magic is me and me alone.

Trans. Copyright © Edward Dorn & Gordon Brotherston 1999, - publ. North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, Cal. this book
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