Anon. (Meso-American)trans. Edward Dorn & Gordon Brotherston (from Huitoto)
naino mikade inyede nainona
fore hetaide momade
hana hetaide dyidde mikade
moma Nainuema nikaido abi mosinyote
mika amena inyede mosinyote
ninomo hinade naino ihiyake fakaode
fakademo dyiide hinade dyireike
fakade dyidde
habi henode momade bikino hidyake fkade

hinade naino hidyake medyeridode
nikai igaido dyirireidode
rnomade hinade arebaike nitanode
arebaike nikariode
iseikedo mosinyote
naino hidyake naino gaitanode
nitade nitade
gaitanode mosinyote gaitaikeda
iesa rainadate inikoni nikaranikoni
naino mosinyote
muitade imugi ie fue imugu imuguri muitade
naino mosinyokeda
iesa rainadate birunyukoni
ie biko hirenote birunyu gaiktaikeda
hirenote biko mogouito koreko
ie henikekoni iesaai abina
bikino komuitate
kai ari atidiekino Rafuema
a phantasma, naino, nothing else
the father touched the image of the phantasm
touched a secret, nothing else
the father Nainu-ema, who-has-the-phantasm, held it by a dream
to himself
thought hard about it
he held nothing substantial
he held the phantasma by the thread of a dream
by the line of his breath
in the void he probed for the mass of the phantasma
the probe was nothing: "I fasten on the void"
he probed nothing
Then the father thought hard and probed for the mass of the word-thing
in the void he fastened on to the mass of the phantasma with the thread
of a dream
in the void the father pressed his adhesive
dreamed his adhesive on to it
held it by the thinnest thread
he seized the mass of the phantasma
pressed and pressed it
seized, held and seized it again
then he set himself on the plain, this dream earth
stepped on to the plain
he held the phantasma
he spat spittle from his mouth he spat again and again
he held the phantasma firm
then he set himself on this earthly part
he peeled off the sky, he seized the earth
peeled off the blue sky and the white sky
At the base of the sky, Rafu-ema, who-has-the-story,
thought hard about it
let these words be made
here above we relate them

Trans. Copyright © Edward Dorn & Gordon Brotherston 1999, - publ. North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, Cal. this book
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