12c. Mayan Myths. (recorded 16c.)trans. Edward Dorn & Gordon Brotherston (from Maya)
Yok tuba in than,
cen Chilam Balam, ca in tzolah u than
hahal Ku tuzinile yokol cabe; yubi
hunac tzuc ti cabe, yume, u than Dios, u Yumil
caan y luum. Hach utz ka u than ti caan,
yume, Cokol yahaulil, yokol ix ca pixan
hahal Ku. Heuac heob ti ulez lae, yume, ox al a mukil
ix cuch lum idzinil. Dzaman yol, cimen ix u puc-
zikal tu nicteob xan, ah uaua tulupoob, ah ua
tan zinaob, Nacxit Xuchit tu nicte u lakob,
ca-ca-kin yahaulilob, coylac te tu dzamob,
coylac te tu nicteob. Ca-ca kin uinicil u than-
nob. Ca-ca-kin u xecob, u luchob, u ppoocob,
u co kinnob, u co akab, u maxilob yokol
cab. Kuy cu cal, mudz cu uich, pudz cu chi,

ti yahaulil cabob, yume. He, cu talel minan
hah tu thanob u dzulilob cab. Bin yalob
hach talanilob, u mehen Uuc-tocoy-naob,
yalob Uuc-tocoy-naobe, yume.
Mac to ah
bovat, mac to ah kin bin tohol cantic
u than uooh lae?
This alone is the word
I, Chilam Balam, have interpreted the word
of the true god of all places in the world
in every part of the world it is heard, oh father
of sky and earth. Splendid indeed is his word in heaven
oh father, his rule over us, over our souls.
Yet as thrice the offspring of animals are the old men
of the younger brothers of the land. Snarled minds, hearts dead
in carnal sophistication, who too often turn back, who
propagate Nacxit Xuchit through the sophistication of his circle
the two-day rulers, lustful on their thrones
lustful in their sophistication. Two-day men, their words
two-day their seats, their bowls, their hats
the day crime, the night crime, hoods of the world.
They turn back their necks, they wink their eyes, they drool
at the mouth
before our own representatives, oh father. See,
when they come the foreigners bring no truth.
Yet great secrets are told by the sons of men
and the women of seven ruined houses
Who is the prophet
who is the priest who shall read
the word of this book

Trans. Copyright © Edward Dorn & Gordon Brotherston 1999, - publ. North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, Cal. this book
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