Chimalpahin (Mexico 1579-1660)
trans. Edward Dorn & Gordon Brotherston
(from Nahuatl)
Y ynic ce tonatiuh onmanca yn itzinecan
4 atl yn itonal
mitoa atonatiuh
yn ipan in ye yquac
yn mochih yn atocoac
Yn aneneztihuac
yn tlaca michtihuac

Y ynic ome tonatiuh onmanca
4 ocelotl yn itonal catca
motenehua ocelotonatiuh
ypan mochiuh
tlapachiuh yn ylhuicatl
yn tonatiuh yn yquac amo otlatocaya
can nepantla tonatiuh mochihua
niman tlayohuaya
yn onotloyohuac niman tequaloya
auh ypan inyn quinametin nemia
conitotihui yn huehuetque
yn netlapaloliz catca ma timohuetzit
ypampa yn aquin huetzia
yccen huetzia

Y ynic ey tonatiuh onmanca
4 quiyahuitl yn itonal
mitoa quiyauhtonatiuh
ypan ynyn mochluh yn ipan tlequiauh
y onocca yc tlatlaque
yhuan ypan xaltequiyauh conytohua yquac motepeuh
yn xaltetl yn ticytta
yhuan popozocac yn tezontli
yhuan yquac momaman yn texcalli chichichiliuhticac

Y ynic 4 tonatiuh
4 ecatl ytonal
mitoa ecatonatiuh
ypan in ecatocoac ozomatihuac
quauhtla quin tepehuato yn onocca

Y ynic maculilli tonatiuh
4 ollin yn itonal
mitoa olintonatiuh
ypanpa molini yn otlatoca
auh yn yuh conitotihui yn huehuetque
ypan inyn mochihuaz tlalloliniz mayanaloz
ynic tipolihuizque
The first sun to be founded
has the Sign Four Water,
it is called Water Sun.
Then it happened
that water carried everything away
everything vanished
the people were changed into fish.

The second sun to be founded
has the Sign Four Jaguar,
it is called Jaguar Sun.
Then it happened
that the sky collapsed
the Sun did not follow its course at midday
immediately it was night
and when it grew dark
the people were torn to pieces.
In this Sun giants lived.
The old ones said
the giants greeted each other thus:
"Don't fall over," for whoever fell,
fell forever.

The third sun to be founded,
the Sun Four Rain
is called Rain Sun.
It happened then that fire rained down,
all who lived there were burned.
They say that then tiny stones rained down and spread
the fine stones that we can see
the tezontli bolled into stone
and the reddish rocks were twisted up.

The fourth sun
Sign Four Wind,
is called Wind Sun.
Then the wind carried everything away.
The people all turned into monkeys
and went to live in the forests.

The fifth Sun,
Sign Four Ollin,
is called Earthquake Sun
because it started into motion.
The old ones said
in this Sun there will be earthquakes and general hunger
from which we shall perish.

Trans. Copyright © Edward Dorn & Gordon Brotherston 1999, - publ. North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, Cal. this book
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