Anon. tr. María Pía Marchelletta

Sanderenate paes lasciat
ye kore mei chiagne
pe te, paes mie'
kelle biegl mundagne
keglie sole
keglie ciele azzurre
ne kore chiene de memorie
ce' seme cresciut ieke
me' r'cord quand eva vaglione
tiempe spinzierat e' senza c'rvieglie
kome fosse bbieglie
repassa' keste post passat
kome vaglion natravota
cheste m'abbasta
e assagia le sagne e fasciuore
d'andanne ke faceva mama

San Donato country I left behind
my heart weeps
for you, my hometown
those beautiful mountains
that sun
that azure-blue sky
a heart full of memories
we were raised here
I remember when I was a child
a carefree time without any brains
how it would be so wonderful
to revisit this historic place
like a child once again
this would be sufficient for me
and to taste the homemade pasta with beans
of once upon a time
that my mother would make.

Copyright © María Pía Marchelletta 2008

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