Anon. 1104-9trans. Louis J. Rodrigues (from Anglo-Saxon)
Is õeos burch breome geond Breotenrice,
steppa gestaõolad. stanas ymbutan
wundrum gewæxen. Weor ymbeornad.
ea yõum stronge, and õer inne wunaõ
feola fisca kyn on floda gemonge.
And õær gewexen is wudafæstern micel;
wuniad in õem wycum wilda deor monige,
in deope dalum deora ungerim.
Is in õere byri eac bearnum gecyõed
õe arfesta eadig Cudberch
and ões clene cyninges heafud,
Osuualdes, Engle leo, and Aidan biscop,
Eadberch and Eadfriõ, æõele geferes.
Is õecr inne midd, heom Æõelwold biscop
and breoma bocera Beda, and Boisil abbot,
õe clene Cudberte on gecheõe
lerde lustum, and he his lara wel genom.
Eardiæõ æt õem eadige in in õem ministre
unarimeda reliquia,
õær monia wundrum gewurõaõ, ões õe writ seggeõ,
midd õene drihnes wer domes bideõ.
This burgh is famous all over Britain,
set on steep slopes, with rocks around
wondrously wrought. Encircled by weirs
a river runs strong, and therein thrive
all sorts of fish in the seething flood.
And there a great tangled thicket has grown;
many wild beasts inhabit those haunts,
countless beasts dwell in deep dales.
In that burgh, too, well-known to men.
lies the body of blessed Cuthbert
and the head of Oswald, innocent king,
lion of the English, and Bishop Aidan,
Eadberch and Eadfrith, eminent men.
Beside them there lie Bishop Athelwold,
the great scholar Bede, and Abbot Boisil,
who cheerfully taught the chaste Cuthhert
in his youth, who took his teaching well.
Beside the saint's tomb inside the minster
are countless relics,
where many miracles occur, as writings tell,
and God's thane lies awaiting his doom.

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Transl. copyright © Louis J. Rodrigues 1997 - publ. Llanerch Publishers

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