Guiraut de Bornelhtrans. James H. Donalson (from Provençal)
"Reis glorios verais lums e clartatz,
Deus poderos, senher, si a vos platz,
al meu companh siatz fizels aiuda,
qu'eu non lo vi, pois la noitz fon venguda;
et ades sera l'alba."

"Bel companho, si dormetz o veillatz?
non dormatz plus, suau vos ressidatz,
qu'en orien vei l'estela creguda
qu'amena·l iorn, qu'eu l'ai ben coneguda,
et ades sera l'alba."

"Bel companho, en chantan vos apel:
non dormatz plus, qu'eu aug chantar l'auzel,
que vai queren lo iorn per lo boscatge;
et ai paor que·l gilos vos assatge;
et ades sera l'alba."

"Bel companho, issetz al fenestrel
et regardatz las ensenhas del cel;
conoisseretz si·us soi fizels messatge.
Si non o faitz, vostres n'er lo dampnatge;
et ades sera l'alba."

"Bel companho, pos me parti de vos,
eu no·m dormi ni·m moc de genolhos,
anz preguei Dieu, lo filh Santa Maria,
que·us mi rendes per leial companhia;
et ades sera l'alba."

"Bel companho, la foras als peiros
mi preiavatz qu'eu no fos dormilhos,
enans veilles tota noit tro al dia;
ara no'us platz mos chans ni ma paria;
et ades sera l'alba."

"Bel dos companh, tan soi en ric soiorn
qu'eu no volgra mais fos alba ni iorn,
car la gensor que anc nasques de maire,
tenc e abras, per qu'eu non prezi gaire
lo fol gelos ni l'alba."
Glorious King of brightness and of the light,
may you be pleased, O my Lord, God of might,
to be a faithful helper to my lover
whom I 've not seen since dark of night came over
and it will soon be dawning.

Handsome friend, are you asleep or awake:
do not sleep on, but be quiet and wake;
for in the east the star has now come rising
and bringing day, as I have been apprising
and it wll soon be dawning.

Handsome friend, I'm calling you with a song
do not sleep on: for the bird sings its song.
To find the day it comes from forestation.
For you, I fear the jealous one's temptation
and it will soon be dawning.

Handsome friend, sit there behind window bars
and see the signs of high heav'n in its stars.
You'll know if I have giv'n a faithful message:
If you don't do it, yours will be the damage
and it will soon be dawning.

Handsome friend, since you and I took our leave
I haven't slept or got up off my knees
without a prayer to God, the Son of Mary,
to give you back, my loyal friend and chary,
and it will soon be dawning.

Handsome friend, upon the steps you said
I should be wakeful and not go to bed,
but stay awake all night till day returned you:
but fellowship and songs have not concerned you
and t will soon be dawning.

Beautiful and sweet so rich is my stay
that I'll not wish now for dawn or the day:
the beauty I embrace and hold no other:
I need no jealous folly born of mother
and I've no use for dawning.

Trans. Copyright © James H. Donalson 2003

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