..........DISTINGUE L'ORE ...
.........................TELLS THE HOURS ...
Francesco Petrarcatr. A. S. Kline
Quando 'l pianeta che distingue l'ore
ad albergar col Tauro si ritorna,
cade vertu da l'infiammate corna
che veste il mondo di novel colore;

et non pur quel che s'apre a noi di fore,
le rive e i colli, di fioretti adorna,
ma dentro dove gia mai non s'aggiorna
gravido fa di se il terrestro humore,

onde tal fructo et simile si colga:
cosi costei, ch'e tra le donne un sole,
in me movendo de' begli occhi i rai

cria d'amor penseri, atti et parole;
ma come ch'ella gli governi o volga,
primavera per me pur non e mai.
When the heavenly body that tells the hours
has returned to the constellation of Taurus,
power from the burning horns descends
that clothes the world with new colours:

and not only in that which lies before us,
banks and hills, adorned with flowers,
but within where already the earthly moisture
pregnant with itself, adds nothing further,

so that fruits and such are gathered:
as she, who is the sun among those ladies,
shining the rays of her lovely eyes on me

creates thoughts of love, actions and words;
but whether she governs them or turns away,
there is no longer any Spring for me.

Trans. Copyright © A. S. Kline 2003

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