Michelangeloprose trans. Christopher Ryan
S'un casto amor, s'una pietà superna,
s'una fortuna infra dua amanti equale,
s'un'aspra sorte all'un dell'altro cale,
s'un spirto, s'un voler duo cor governa;
s'un'anima in duo corpi è fatta etterna,
ambo levando al cielo e con pari ale;
s'Amor d'un colpo e d'un dorato strale
le viscer di duo petti arda e discerna;
s'amar l'un l'altro e nessun se medesmo,
d'un gusto e d'un diletto, a tal mercede
c'a un fin voglia l'uno e l'altro porre:
se mille e mille, non sarien centesmo
a tal nodo d'amore, a tanta fede;
e sol l'isdegno il può rompere e sciorre.
If one chaste love, if one sublime compassion, if one fortune affects two lovers equally, if one harsh fate matters as much to both, if one spirit, if one will rules two hearts; if one soul in two bodies is made eternal, lifting both to heaven and wth the same wings; if Love with one blow and with one golden arrow burns and tests the bowels in two bosoms; if each loves the other, and neither himself, with one taste and with one delight, with this reward that both direct their will to the one end; if these were multiplied a thousand times and more, they would not make a hundredth part of such a bond of love, and of such great faithfulness; and only disdain can break and dissolve it.

Trans. copyright © J.M.Dent 1996 - publ. J.M.Dent

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