Giacomo da Lentinitr. Peter Dean
Io m’aggio posto in core a Dio servire,
com’io potesse gire in paradiso,
al santo loco ch’aggio audito dire,
u’ si mantien sollazzo, gioco e riso.

Sanza mia donna non vi voria gire,
quella c’ha blonda testa e claro viso,
ché sanza lei non poteria gaudere,
estando da la mia donna diviso.

Ma no lo dico a tale intendimento,
perch’io peccato ci volesse fare;
se no veder lo suo bel portamento

e lo bel viso e ‘l morbido sguadare:
ché lo mi teria in gran consolamento,
veggendo la mia donna in gloria stare.
I pledged myself to God I’d serve Him well
so as to make my way to paradise,
that sacred spot where, I’ve heard many tell,
comfort and sport and fun more than suffice.

Without my lady, I would find this hell -
her hair so fair is and her looks so nice,
that, lacking her, pleasure would lose its spell
for me, being parted from the lady of my choice.

But, though I speak of this, I have no plan
or wish thereby to fall to sinful ways;
rather it’s so that I in future can

still see her lovely form, sweet smile and face:
no greater consolation for me is there than
to see my lady in this glorious place.

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Trans. Copyright © Peter Dean 2002

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