Giacomo da Lentini tr. A.S.Kline
Io m’aggio posto in core a Dio servire,
com’io potesse gire in paradiso,
al santo loco ch’aggio audito dire,
u’ si mantien sollazzo, gioco e riso.

Sanza mia donna non vi voria gire,
quella c’ha blonda testa e claro viso,
ché sanza lei non poteria gaudere,
estando da la mia donna diviso.

Ma no lo dico a tale intendimento,
perch’io peccato ci volesse fare;
se no veder lo suo bel portamento

e lo bel viso e ‘l morbido sguadare:
ché lo mi teria in gran consolamento,
veggendo la mia donna in gloria stare.
I have it in my heart to serve God so
That into Paradise I shall repair, -
The holy place through the which everywhere
I have heard say that joy and solace flow.

Without my lady I were loth to go, -
She who has the bright face and the bright hair;
Because if she were absent, I being there,
My pleasure would be less than nought, I know.

Look you, I say not this to such intent
As that I there would deal in any sin:
I only would behold her gracious mien,

And beautiful soft eyes, and lovely face,
That so it should be my complete content
To see my lady joyful in her place.

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Trans. Copyright © A.S.Kline 2004

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