Folgore da San Gimignano tr. Brian Cole
D'April vi dono la gentil campagna
tutta fiorita di bell'erba fresca,
fontane d'acqua che non vi rincresca,
donne e donzelle per vostra compagna;
ambianti palafren, destrier di Spagna
e gente costumata a la francesca,
cantar danzar a la provenzalesca
con istormenti novi d'Alemagna.

E da torno vi sia molti giardini
e giachita vi sia ogni persona,
ciascun con reverenza adori e 'nchini
a quel gentil ch'ò dato la corona
de pietre preziose le più fini
ch'à 'l presto Gianni o 'l re di Babilona.
For April I give you the countryside
in flower with lovely new-grown grass,
pleasing fountains playing as you pass,
women and girls by your side;
nimble horses, Spanish steeds,
and people dressed like those in France,
singing and dancing as they do in Provence
to music played on new German reeds.

And all will be stretched out at ease
in many gardens all around,
all will worship, bow their knees
to that gentle one whom I have crowned
with finer jewels than Prester John would seize
or that the King of Babylon ever owned.

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Trans. Copyright: Brian Cole 2005

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