Sergio Corazzini tr. Christine Boothroyd

Campana dondolante
in un cielo di rose,
dolci note armoniose,
note di bocca amante,

tranquille, misteriose
voci del dý spirante,
campana dolorante
per tante pene ascose,

io ti sogno, o lontana,
su la breve chiesuola!
Ti sogno e t'amo tanto!

E a sera, pia campana,
sale a un cielo di viola
il tuo suono e il mio pianto!

The evening bell
swaying in a rose-coloured sky -
soft graceful notes
from the mouth of a lover,

calm, mysterious
voice of the dying day -
a sound aching
for so much hidden suffering,

I dream of you,
remote in your own environment -
with love I long for you.

And in the evening, religiously,
your voice and my sorrow
drift upwards
into the purple vault of heaven!

Trans. Copyright © Christine Boothroyd 2008

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