Lodovico Ariosto tr. Peter Dean
Ingiustissimo amor, perche si raro
Corrispondenti fai nostri desiri?
Onde, perfid', advien che t'e si caro
Il discorde voler ch'in dui cor miri?
Ir non mi lassi al facil guad' e chiaro,
Et nel piu ciec' a maggior fondo tiri:
Da chi desia'l mio amor tu mi richiami
Et chi m'ha in odio vuoi ch'adori et ami.
Inequitable Love, why so rarely
Do you answer to our fervent wish?
How comes it, traitor, it's so dear to you, unfairly,
In two discordant hearts to witness anguish?
You keep me back from where the water covers barely
And drop me in deep where it does not diminish:
From the one who wants my love you hold me at bay
And seek to have me worship one who hates me every way.

Trans. Copyright © Peter Dean 2004

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