Anon. - pre-16C.trans. Peter Dean
Quando sarà mai quel zono
Che ste fien de vorà ben?
Voi che femo un ballo tono
Con le brage a picolon?

O che carne delicaca!
Vardati, caro cusin,
Che no s'aure le palale
E come el coresin.

Varda un puoco quel visesse
Che a vardarlo alle vagnelle
El ne fa tutto a brueto
Andar la panza e le buelle.

Fie de perle e velulu,
Fie de zogie e de scarlato,
Con che forte e saldo agu
N'have tuolto el cuor de fato.

Vu se belle e ben forma e nuchieti
E nu semo tre vechieti,
Si vosse care brigae
Ve dassemo i ziponetti!
When will that day ever be
That these girls will make love to we?!
Would you have us dance aroun',
Trousers lowered, trousers down?!

O what glorious flesh! So tasty!
Have a look, dear friend and see.
If one but had the victualry
To sate the sweet heart's fantasy!

Take just a glance at that fair face
Which simply looked at - it's the case -
It sets fire, into flames it puts
Our bellies, conflagrates our guts!

Damsels of pearls and velvetry,
Maidens of jewels and scarletry,
With what pain - piercing agony -
Our hearts you enslave in fealty.

Lovely, well-formed and sexy as you be
And three old - let's say, aging - men are we,
If good companionship you'd have with us
We'd give you bonny little nippers!

Trans. copyright © Peter Dean 2003

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