Anonymous 13c. tr. A.S.Kline
Pàrtite, amore, adeo,
chè troppo ce se' stato;
lo maitino è sonato,
giorno mi par che sia.

Pàrtite, amore, adeo,
che non fossi trovato
in sì fina cellata
come nui semo stati.
Or me bacia, occhio meo;
tosto sia l'andata
tenendo la tornata
come d'innamorati,
si che per spesso usato
nostra gioia renovi,
nostro stato non trovi
la mala gelosia.

Pàrtite, amore, adeo,
e vanne tostamente,
ch'ogni tua cosa t'aggio
parecchiata in presente.
Go now my love, goodbye now,
I know you’ve stayed too long, for
The morning bell has rung, and
It seems to me it’s day.

Go now my love, goodbye now,
So they will not find you
In such sweet concealment
As this place where we lie.
Kiss me now, my sweetheart,
Make it a swift parting,
Look to your returning,
With lovers’ loyalty,
So through constant trials
Our love may be new love
And we’ll never meet with
Wicked jealousy.

Go now, my love, goodbye now,
Go now from me swiftly,
All your things are ready,
I’ve arranged them so.

Trans. Copyright © A.S.Kline 2004

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