Manfred Kyber tr. Nigel Cooper

Mittagsglut und Mittagsschweigen,
zeitenlos die Stunde flieht.
Nur im Gras die Grillen geigen
und ein Vogel ruft im Ried.

Über ährengoldnen Hügeln
eine Ferne blau und weit.
Leise schwingt auf Falterflügeln
Sommersonnenseligkeit …

Midday heat haze when all hushes,
Timelessly the minutes pass.
A bird is calling from the rushes,
Crickets serenade the grass.

Golden are the ears of corn
On distant hills beneath blue skies;
Summer sunlight’s bliss is borne
On gentle wings of butterflies.

Translator’s notes:
• This translation also appears as the frontispiece to ‘The Further Shore – Fables and Fairytales to Delight All Ages’,
translated by Nigel Cooper, Athena Press 2007.
• The above book is the last of a three-book series of Kyber stories published by Athena in 2007.
Book One (‘Magic’s Silvery Threads’) and Book Two (‘Gossamer Kingdoms’) have contributions from a number of different translators.

Trans. Copyright © Nigel Cooper 2007

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