Heinrich Heinetr. Walter A.Aue
Verdrossnen Sinn im kalten Herzen hegend,
Reis' ich verdriesslich durch die kalte Welt,
Zu Ende geht der Herbst, ein Nebel hält
Feuchteingehüllt die abgestorbne Gegend.
Die Winde pfeifen, hin und her bewegend
Das rote Laub, das von den Bäumen fällt,
Es seufzt der Wald, es dampft das kahle Feld,
Nun kommt das Schlimmste noch, es regent (sic).
In my cold heart chagrined dismay retaining
I travel vexed across this frigid earth.
The fall is waning, and the fog's grey curse
keeps dead environs clammily restraining.
The howling winds from fore and aft are reigning
and straining crimson leaves of all their mirth.
The forest sighs; the fallow fields give birth
to steaming smoke - and what is worse: It's raining!

TRANSLATOR'S NOTE: German title as used by Ernesto Handmann, to whom I am indebted
for his marvellous collection of poetry and his kind cooperation in tracing the authenticity
of the word "regent" (a "forced rhyme", replacing the usual word "regnet").
And, I admit it, his "forced rhyme" comment inspired me to throw in a few more rhymes than necessary,
just in case. Yes, I know, I shouldn't have. But please take this with the usual grain of salt:
When it rains it pours ...

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Trans. Copyright © Walter A.Aue 2004

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