from "PARZIVAL" - ll.1-14 from "PARSIFAL" - (1)
Wolfram von Eschenbach trans. Peter H. Cole
Ist zwîvel herzen nâchgebûr,
daz muoz der sêle werden sûr.
gesmæhet unde gezieret
ist, swâ sich parrieret
unverzaget mannes muot,
als agelstern varwe tuot.
der mac dennoch wesen geil:
wande an im sint beidiu teil,
des himels und der helle.
der unstæte geselle
hât die swarzen varwe gar,
und wirt ouch nâch der vinster var:
sô habet sich an die blanken
der mit stæten gedanken.
All doubting hearts may inward turn
with fearful bitterness they burn -
and so in shame and deep despair
to see themselves are cloaked with care.
The dauntless man of courage knows
that strong in heart, his hope may grow -
there is yet Healing to be gained
while even measure still remains
of Hell and Heaven, dark and light.
The fickle fellow sees no white
amid the black, and grieves alone
in hopeless darkness on his own.
So must it be for those who lack
a balance of the white with black.

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Trans. Copyright © Peter H. Cole 2004

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