Clément Marot tr. Peter Dean
Dedans Paris, ville jolie,
Un jour passant mélancholie,
Je pris alliance nouvelle
A la plus gaie demoiselle
Qui soit d’ici en Italie.

D’honneteté elle est saisie,
Et crois, selon ma fantaisie,
Qu’il n’en est guere de plus belle
Dedans Paris.

Je ne vous la nommerai mie,
Sinon qu’elle est ma grand amie,
Car l’alliance se fit telle,
Par un doux baiser que j’eus d’elle,
Sans penser aucune infamie,
Dedans Paris.
In gay Paree, that pretty city,
Bypassing a bout of melancholy,
I got myself into a whirl
With the happiest ever little girl
From here to Italy.

She’s fortified by honesty,
And, according to my fantasy,
There’s not another lovelier pearl
In all Paree.

What I’ve to say of her must be
Only that she’s a friend to me,
Because we’re based on - I’d be a churl
To deny - one single kiss from her’ll
Keep me from thoughts of infamy,
In all Paree.

Trans. Copyright © Peter Dean 2002

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