Marie de Franceprose tr. Glyn S.Burgess
& Keith Busby
La reïne vait chevachant;
Ele esgardat tut un pendant,
Le bastun vit, bien l'aparceut,
Tutes les lettres i conut.
Les chevalers que la menoënt,
Que ensemble od li erroënt,
Cumanda tuz a arester;
Descendre vot e resposer.
Cil unt fait sun cummandement.
Ele s'en vet luinz de sa gent;
Sa meschine apelat a sei,
Brenguein, que mut ot bone fei.
Del chemin un poi s'esluina;
Dedenz le bois celui trova
Que plus l'amot que rien vivant.
Entre eus meinent joie mut grant.
A li parlat tut a leisir
E ele li dit sun pleisir.
Puis li mustra cumfaitement
Del rei avrat acordement
E que mut li aveit pesé
De ceo qu'il l'ot si cungié
Par encusement l'aveit fait.
A tant s'en part, sun ami lait;
Mes quant ceo vient al desevrer,
Dunc comencerent a plurer.
Tristram a Wales s'en rala
Tant que sis uncles le manda.
Pur la joie qu'il ot eüe
De s'amie qu'il ot veüe
E pur ceo k'il aveit escrit,
Si cum la reïne l'ot dit,
Pur les paroles remembrer,
Tristrain, ki bien saveit harper,
En aveit fet un nuvel lai.
Asez briefment le numerai:
Gotelef l'apelent en engleis,
Chevrefoil le nument Franceis.
Dit vus en ai la verité
Del lai que j'ai ici cunté.
The queen rode along. She looked at the path as it sloped upwards ahead of her, saw the piece of wood and realized what it was. She recognized all the letters and commanded all those who were escorting her and travelling along with her to stop. She wished to alight and take a rest. They did as she bade and she moved a good distance away from her companions, calling her faithful servant Brenguein to her. She went a little way off the path and in the wood she found the man who loved her more than any living thing. They shared great joy together. He spoke freely to her and she told him of her desires. Then she explained how he could be reconciled with the king and how disturbed the king had been at having to banish him. He had done it because of the accusation against him. Then she departed, leaving her beloved behind. But, when the moment came for them to separate, they began to weep. Tristram returned to Wales until his uncle summoned him. On account of the joy he had experienced from the sight of his beloved and because of what he had written, Tristram, a skilful harpist, in order to record his words (as the queen had said he should), used them to create a new lay. I shall very briefly name it: the English call it Gotelef and the French Chevrefoil. I have told you the truth of the lay I have related here.

Trans. Copyright © Glyn S.Burgess & Keith Busby 1986, 1999 - publ. Penguin Classics this book
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