Louise Labétrans. Timothy Adès
Tant que mes yeus pourront larmes espandre As long as I can sit with streaming eyes
À líheur passé avec toy regretter; And want to spend another hour with you;
Et quíaus sanglots et soupirs resister As long as I can stifle sobs and sighs
Pourra ma voix, et un peu faire entendre; And use my voice to get a message through;
Tant que ma main pourra les cordes tendre As long as Iíve a hand can tune the strings
Du mignart lut, pour tes graces changer; Of my guitar, to sing a song of you;
Tant que líesprit se voudra contenter As long as Iíve no heart for other things
De ne vouloir rien fors que toy comprendre; But only want to get the hang of you:
Je ne souhaite encore point mourir: Thereís no way Iíll be lying down to die.
Mais quand mes yeus je sentiray tarir, No, but the day I feel my eyes run dry,
Ma voix cassée, et ma main impuissante, My voice crack up, my hand with zero power,
Et mon esprit en ce mortel sejour My heart, too close to earth, no longer giving
Ne pouvant plus montrer signe díamante; Signals that lovers give, then Iíll quit living:
Priray la Mort noircir mon plus cler jour. Death, turn my daylight black, that very hour!

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Trans. Copyright © Timothy Adès 2000 - publ. Modern Poetry in Translation 16

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