Charles Crostrans. Brian Cole
J'ai trois fenêtres à ma chambre:
L'amour, la mer, la mort,
Sang vif, vert calme, violet.

O femme, doux et lourd trésor!

Froids vitraux, cloches, odeurs d'ambre.
La mer, la mort, l'amour,
Ne sentir que ce qui me plaît ...

Femme, plus claire que le jour!

Par ce soir doré de septembre,
La mort, l'amour, la mer,
Me noyer dans l'oubli complet.

Femme! femme! cercueil de chair!
I have three windows in my room:
Love, the sea, and death,
Bright blood, calm green, and violet.

O woman, sweet and heavy treasure!

Cold stained glass, bells, scents of amber.
The sea, and love, and death,
To only feel what pleases me ...

Woman, brighter than the day!

On this gold September evening,
Death, and love, the sea,
To drown myself in oblivion.

Woman! woman! coffin of flesh!

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Trans. copyright © Brian Cole 2001

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