Ricart de Berbezilh tr. James H.Donalson
Altresi com lo lions
Q'es tan fers qan s'irais
De son lionel qan nais
Morz sez lera et ses vida
Et ab sa voz qan lescrida
Lo fai reviure anar
Autresi pot de mi far
Ma bona dompna et amors
Et garir de mas dolors.

Totas las gaias sazos
Venun en abrils et mais
Ben degra nenir oimais
La mia bon escarida
Trop ses amors adormida
Qe·m donet poder d'amar
Ses ardiment de preiar
Ha qantas bonas honors
Ma tolt temenze paors.

Ric fora 1i guiderdos
Et tan fis et tan verais
Per qe m'abelis lo fais
Se sa merce no m'oblida
Aissi com la nau perida
Qe ren no pot escapar
Mas per esforz de nadar
Isamen foren resors.
Dompna ab un paoc de socors.

Totas las belhas faizos
Del mon son en vas e mais
Dompna anc ben nos sofrais
De tota valor complida.
Se fosez d'amar ardida
Ren no·i pogro·m meilhurar
Ab tot zo es vos ses par
Et murs et castels et tors
Donors et de beltaz flors.

Marrit m'aten et joios
Soven z' aut soven mirais
Soven magris et engrais
C'aissi ses en mi partida
Amors joios et marida
C'ab rire et ab plorar
Ab consir et ab pensar
Mostra sas ricas valors
A mi entrels ris et plors.
As with lions it may be
fiercely they take pity on
their poor cub when it is born
without breath and without life
and by crying with their voice
they can make it live again;
my good lady and my love
sometimes does the same to me,
curing me of all my pains.

All the happy times will come
during April, during May:
that is when I hope to see
my good love who's far from me:
for too long our love has slept -
love that gave me power to love -
yet without the wish to plead;
much good honor yet remains,
taking off horrendous fears.

My reward will then be rich,
both the noblest and most true,
so the whole thing pleases me
(may her mercy not forget).
As upon a ship that's lost,
from which none can get away
save by swimming forcefully,
the result will be the same,
Lady, with a little help.

Every lovely feature that
this world has, you have, and more:
Lady, full of every worth,
you put up with us at least:
if you could but force a love
nothing would surpass me then,
with all this you have no peer:
with the castles, towers and walls
honor, lovely flowers and all.

She awaits with tears and joy,
often listens, often looks,
often loses or gains weight,
so there falls now to my lot
joyous love and spousal love,
which with laughter and with tears,
with reflection and with thought,
show me riches of her worth
in her laughter and her tears.

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