Guillaume Apollinairetrans. Peter Dean
Mon beau tzigane mon amant
Écoute les cloches qui sonnent
Nous nous aimions éperdument
Croyant níetre vus de personne

Mais nous étions bien mal cachés
Toutes les cloches à la ronde
Nous ont vu du haut des clochers
Et le disent à tout le monde

Demain Cyprien et Henri
Marie Ursule et Catherine
La boulangère et son mari
Et puis Gertrude ma cousine

Souriront quand je passerai
Je ne saurai plus où me mettre
Tu seras loin Je pleurerai
Jíen mourrai peut-etre
My handsome gypsy lover
Give ear to the clocks as they sound
Abandonedly we loved each other
Thinking by no-one to be found

But we were most ill-concealed
All of the district clocks by turn
Saw us from up in their towers and pealed
And gave all the world to learn

Tomorrow Cyprien and Harry
Marie Ursula and Kate
The baker and the man sheíll marry
Gert my own cousin who canít wait

Will all smile when I pass them by
Iíll not know where to put my eye
Youíll be far off Iíll surely cry
Perhaps itíll make me die

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Trans. copyright © Peter Dean 2002

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