Anon. Trouveres (early 13c.)tr. Peter Dean
Biaus sire Dieus, que porra devenir
que chascun jor veons le mont mourir a si grant tort?
Que ne pensons a nous ames guerir?
Vez la la mort, qui nous vient assaillir!
Car laissons tout, si pensons de fouir,
allons en fort vers Jesu Christ qui por nous veut mourir!
Bien le devons ce servise merir,
autrement nous soumes mort.
Gracious Lord God, what’s to become of us -
each day we see the world die under such wrongs?
What shall a person do to save their soul?
See there! There’s Death, who comes to prey on us!
Yet if we think of fleeing., leaving all,
let us go straight to Jesus Christ who wished to die for us!
We must be worthy such a service done for us,
or we are dead. To him all praise belongs!

Trans. Copyright © Peter Dean 2003

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